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A dentist who puts her patients at ease and is friendly is hard to find, we found this in Debbie. Debbie's warm and friendly nature makes her patients feel at ease even when they are afraid. My two daughters and I came to see Debbie a few years ago and were instantly at ease. My youngest had never been able to sit in a dentists chair and never shown her teeth to a dentist before. Although she sat on her sister’s lap this meant that she was able to be more at ease and let Debbie inspect her teeth which I would say is a giant step forward.

My eldest daughter has had to have several fillings over time and Debbie's way to showing her what the instruments would do on the back on the child’s hand meant that she knew what to expect – again putting her at ease. Having things explained and a friendly face has made so much difference to the dental experience that I feel that this had changed the view of all of us. Before it was a chore going to the dentist and although it's not a walk in the park it makes such a difference that we are able to ask questions and have thing explained to us.

I think that Debbie has a special way with her patients that should be praised.

- Mrs Debbie Dickson

Debbie Ganguli was instrumental in setting up and running the state-of-the-art dental service for patients under the care of the National Spinal Injuries Centre (NSIC) at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Her enthusiasm and dedication to providing an out-standing service for people with disabilities was second to none and the knowledge and skills that she developed there have continued to influence her practice to this day.

- Jackie Bailey, Patient Liaison Officer, NSIC

Debbie was the ideal person for our Dental Clinic. She put you at ease and gave you the low-down on your treatment in a clear and understandable way. She and her assistant were the ideal team and I wish her well in her future career.

- Roy Everson

I have known and also have worked with Debbie for some considerable time. I have always found her as a person to be very honest, loyal and generous. As a work colleague she has always acted beyond reproach, conscientiously and diligently. Any problems that have arisen she has dealt with in a very professional manner and strives to exceed patients expectations.

She always shows the patients great respect and her levels of work are second to none. I am very happy to offer this testimonial without question and wish her luck and success in all her endeavours in the future.

- Diane Hollingworth

My name is Sharlene Hope, age 24. In 2007 I developed an illness called pyloric stenosis and stomach ulcers which affected me with severe vomiting. This illness went on for over a year which over time has affected my teeth. The back tooth began to crumble bit by bit out of my mouth and from going from various emergency dentists asking them to see me no one would, as I wasn’t a member of their practice. I was becoming quite upset and worried then Debbie heard of the story and she then caringly took me into her practice to examine my situation as an emergency. This took place on a Saturday morning, out of her normal hours which I was very grateful for. This was only 2 weeks before a wedding where I was to be bridesmaid so didn’t want swollen cheeks and really wanted my teeth to be nice. Debbie had a look at my tooth and said it has to be removed which I expected. Half way through the removal she noticed some of the tooth was too difficult to remove and would need facial surgery from my jaw bone to have the tooth taken out completely and safely. Luckily Debbie had worked in a hospital before performing facial surgery so she could do this to me that same day.

I was really happy with this because if one of the emergency dentists I’d visited previously had seen me they wouldn’t have been able to perform the facial surgery, so I was grateful Debbie was willing to help me. She kept me calm throughout the procedure and was extremely gentle. After the surgery she advised me to keep ice on it so my cheek didn’t swell as much. That night Debbie rang me to check how I was feeling and again in the morning out of her own concern which I felt was really thoughtful of her, above and beyond the normal role of any other dentist I’ve visited previously. Again after a week or so I still had stitches in my mouth, she checked them for me assessing the bruising and swelling knowing I was to be bridesmaid, again out of her normal working hours. I’m really grateful for Debbie’s help and very lucky she has the skills to perform the facial surgery which is more than any normal dentist. She made me feel at ease all the way through the treatment and extra after care with over the following 2 weeks which I didn’t expect; this was extremely kind of her to be so concerned and willing to take my predicament on after so many had turned me down leaving me having little faith in dentist care. My gum healed perfectly and there are no visible signs of facial surgery. For this I strongly feel that Debbie deserves the award for the young dentist of the year.

- Miss Sharlene Hope

Dear Debbie,
May I Please Thank you very much for the special treatment you gave me this lunchtime? My teeth and my mouth have not felt this good for a very long time! I am delighted with all that you have done for me and feel very privileged to be your patient. Thank you.

Whenever I may have to see you again it will be a pleasure I shall look forward to.

Yours Sincerely
- John Rist
PS. My Fish and Chips never tasted so good as well!!

I like Debbie because she is gentle

- Hannah (aged 6)

Debbie has been an extremely supportive parent since her daughter started at High Ash CE School. The children throughout the school have greatly benefited from her knowledge and skills in dentistry. She led a highly successful day to promote the National Smile Week in 2010, working with all the classes. The Foundation and Key Stage One children were enthralled by her sessions on the importance of good oral hygiene and diet. The Key Stage Two children were amazed by the differences between animal and human teeth which contributed effectively to their Key Stage Two science curriculum. Debbie also generously donated goodie bags and apples for the children. Many parents fed back on how valuable the talk was in encouraging their child to take better care of their teeth. Debbie has an excellent manner with the children and was able to communicate well with them.

In addition to this Debbie also led sessions on our Wonderful World of Work week, where we invited parents to share their jobs with the children in order for children to have a broader understanding of work. This again was highly successful and I am sure inspired many children to think about dentistry as a future career!

We are very grateful to Debbie who has not only supported the children’s learning in our school, but also sponsored out netball team by providing logo hoodie tops for them. The team proudly wore their kit to all their matches and excelled by winning many. They were awarded the team of the year for their success in school.

Debbie has wholeheartedly supported the school in a variety of ways including donating much time to helping at a variety of School Association Events.

I fully support Debbie’s nomination and would be happy to talk to anyone regarding my testimonial.

Yours sincerely
- Louise Eaton Headteacher

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