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Welcome to Cherry Trees Dental, Linslade, Leighton Buzzard.

The original concept of providing dental education in a classroom setting began for Dr Debbie Ganguli during her time as a Senior Dental Officer between 2002 and 2006 working in paediatric and special needs care for Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes PCT - she was repeatedly disappointed if not heartbroken to find herself treating so many young children for dental caries, often through removal of teeth. Many of the children were under the age of five and there were many repeat attendees to the GA sessions.

In 2010, Debbie’s daughter began primary school at High Ash School, and with the kind support of the head teacher, Debbie was given the opportunity to begin developing the education program, delivering threedifferent presentations tailored to each of the key stages in the school to all 300 or so children at the school during the National Smile Month 2010. At the same time we approached Little Ashes Pre School, and two primary schools: Linslade Lower School and Greenleas School both within walking distance from the practice, all four were signed up to a pilot study of the education for schools.

Both history and science are good platforms to work from for Key Stages one (Ages 5-7 Years One and Two) and Key Stage two (Ages 8-11 Years Three, Four, Five and Six). Our presentations are developed linking in with existing areas of the curriculum with the hope to engage the children, and using metacognitive learning models – Learning, watching, thinking (participating) and doing – this last area has been achieved through the provision of worksheets for use in the classroom later to consolidate the teaching.

The Early Years Program (Preschool ages 2-4 and Foundation Class age 4-5) is delivered in three parts:

  • Interactive - One of the team will present children with shopping bag and choose which foods are ‘safe’ for teeth and which are not.
  • Education – encourage children to drink milk and eat cheese but also discourage foods that may be ‘tooth friendly’ but high in salt or saturated fat e.g. crisps
  • Play Pack – children can set up their own dental practice! An additional resource that has been met with great enthusiasm by the teachers

As well as local schools, we are now working with a number of scouting groups and guiding groups in the evenings has added a hands on ‘Egg-speriment’ to the program that not only shows the effect of acids on teeth and the protection of fluoride, but goes towards the children attaining their health care scouting and brownie/guide badges – featured in the Leighton Buzzard Observer here.

The Cherry Trees Dental Education for Schools Program is not a profit making project, and all sessions are free of charge taking place during normal working hours and occasionally in evenings – we do not expect anything in return from schools nor the children and their families, but we do ask wherever possible that a small donation is made to Bridge2Aid .

The project has attracted national attention and accolades having won the 2013 ‘Best Community Project’ at the Private Dentistry Awards in London and the ‘Best Children’s Dental Health Initiative’ award in 2014

If you would like to find out more, please call us!

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